Our company which continues its production adventure with its valuable and experienced personnel working together with it by rising, carries out all of its production from the beginning to the end with its state of the art technology machines within its structure.



Our foundry which is the first ring of our production chain, is in service 24 hours to produce quality raw materials with fully automatic molding system as being integrated to our manufacturing plant.



Our flywheels casted with fully automatic molding system following the modeling process, are machined in CNC lathe and machining centers in a controlled manner, balanced and then, they are carefully lubricated and packaged.


“Ring Gear”

We machine raw material which are analyzed, reported and supplied in OE standards in our CNC lathes in the most precise way and at tolerances required.

Again, we put ring gears undergoing heat treatment in the required value standards into service of our our valued customers after carrying out their last controls.